Aoba: Wah—hey…! Hehe…!

Kou: What?

Aoba: No, just, I’m ticklish.

Kou: Ticklish?

Aoba: Sort of… Haha! No more, no… I said it tickles!

Kou: You little… Always laughing around like that.

Aoba: That’s because—haha… nm! Mm…

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Koujaku/Noiz w/ SFX


Behold, at long last, my magnum opus. I spent more time on this and the image than I would like to admit.

Ever wanted to hear Koujaku topping Noiz? Here’s 3 minutes and 20 seconds of it, although with some other stuff like kissing, a blowjob, and dialogue thrown in. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it longer but I was running out of audio to splice in. Also, five gold stars to you if you can figure out where the individual dialogue bits came from.

Requested by grellsutcliffxo. Translation under cut.

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